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30 Apr 2021 South Taranaki iwi's smoothie business about to sweep NZ |
29 Apr 2021 Kiwi food entrepreneurs about to make it big at New World |
28 Apr 2021

Top of the drops: NZ frozen smoothy drops firm Kaitahi to expand retail presence after funding boost

21 Apr 2021 Iwi-run food business says recent awards have helped create more jobs | RNZ News
20 Apr 2021 Whanganui Based Company Kaitahi Wins Foodstarter | SKI (
19 Apr 2021 Māori-owned beverage firm Kaitahi harnesses benefits of native ingredients - Inside FMCG
16 Apr 2021 Smoothie drops company eyes more growth after award win
16 Apr 2021

New Zealand entrepreneurs shine on the FoodStarter stage

15 Apr 2021

Award Winning Iwi Owned Business Harnessing Benefits Of Native Ingredients

12 Mar 2021

How FoodStarter is changing the lives of foodie superstars

28 Feb 2021

Taranaki smoothie drops a semi finalist in food innovation awards

20 Nov 2020

On-the-go smoothy drops taking off in New Zealand

01 Nov 2020

Cuisine Magazine: Try it, you'll like it

28 Sep 2020

PGF backing successful Māori enterprise

29 Jul 2020

Atiawa Toa FM - Kaitahi Giveaway

02 Jul 2020

Pep Talk Podcast: Kaitahi

12 May 2020

Iwi Koha $50k of award-winning smoothie drops to bolster winter wellness

07 May 2020

Covid 19: Kaitahi 'superfood' smoothies donated to marae and essential workers

05 May 2020

Kaitahi superfood helps to boost immunities as winter approaches

08 Oct 2019

Kaitahi Super Green Smoothie is here!

07 Jul 2019

Superfood company 'Kaitahi' top Whanganui Māori business

20 Feb 2019

Move over kimchi, kombucha and kale

16 Oct 2018

The business built on Iwi ethics 

11 Aug 2018

The shake-and-drink smoothie drops revitalising indigenous foods

26 Jun 2018

Māori superfood company wins top award

25 Jun 2018

Fine Food New Zealand recognises industry innovations

04 May 2018

South Taranaki iwi Ngā Rauru's instant frozen drops smoothie


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