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South Taranaki iwi's smoothie business about to sweep NZ


South Taranaki Iwi, Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi's, smoothie business about to sweep NZ. Kaitahi the small supplier category at the NZ Foodstarter awards, and part of the prize package includes the chance to have its products stocked in all New World supermarkets around New Zealand. 

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Smoothie with lots of fruit and vegetables


Our smoothy drops don’t need a blender. All the ingredients needed are in each flavour. Take a scoop, add to a protein shaker, add liquid, and shake. No need to buy individual ingredients and measure them out. Because the drops are so small, they break up and dissolve when shaken. 

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Healthy nutritious and delicious breakfast smoothies


The High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge has awarded funding for research to Kaitahi, a Māori-owned business who have created an award winning beverage using taonga species (kūmara, pūhā, kawakawa and rewarewa honey) in their frozen smoothy drops.

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Kaitahi is an iwi-owned enterprise and is boosting household wellbeing with donations of their award-winning Frozen Superfood Smoothy Drops to iwi and emergency care services. With Winter fast approaching, frozen smoothie drops will be delivered to ward off the COVID-blues. 

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Podcasts & Interviews

Pania Winterburn talks through how Kaitahi has gone from a small community nursery in south Taranaki to making unique frozen smoothie drops with ingredients like puha and kawakawa.

Power Up Podcast

Pania talks about how Kaitahi had grown from a small local nursery to a nationwide business. Guided by traditional principles around its people and its land, and is committed to doing things the right way, not the easy way. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in ethical business!

Te Ao Māori, innovation and the future of food

Tech Week New Zealand

Arohaina joins the panel discussion about how businesses are innovating, powered by a Te Ao Māori lens, to achieve this balance of benefits and position themselves ahead of the pack in new global markets. Key opportunity areas include environment and food waste, holistic community food systems, and global wellness.  

Local company Kaitahi takes the win at Foodstarter


Whanganui based company Kaitahi (Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi) takes the Win at Foodstarter. Operating via a social ecological entrepreneurship model Kaitahi recognises and captures value through enterprises where people and nature matter. Arohaina caught up with Andy from Andy & Annie the day before the FoodStarter final.

Arohaina's Pep Talk podcast with Grace Kreft

Pep Talk

This combination of superfoods, tradition, creating jobs, using local ingredients, innovation, and all round handiness, meant I just had to get one of the iwi representatives – Arohaina –  for a chat all about how this all came about and where to next for this seriously cool and unique NZ business. Let's find out more...

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