About Us

Life is busy enough.  We want to provide easy ways to access nutritious foods.  Our recipes were developed by nutritionists with ingredients and tastes that are carefully balanced to make it nutritious and as delicious as possible.  We prepare the ingredients, then snap freeze into droplets so it’s ready when you are, to mix with liquid and enjoy!

We are promoting native superfoods to create enterprising opportunities for individuals and families to participate in within our region. Our parent company, Kii Tahi Ltd already eco-source native plants and provide ecological services to our land and waterways with riparian planting programmes.

Together with Kii Tahi Ltd, we work collaboratively to grow and source native plant foods from our lands and transform them into healthy food and beverage products.  These products are sold to consumers with financial returns being invested into the community.  This social ecological entrepreneurship model recognises and captures value through enterprises where people and nature matter.

As a start-up, we are continuously working through ecological options for packaging.  We connected with the team from Innocent Packaging, whose plant based cups and paper bowls hold our single serve options when we present at food shows.  Our bulk pouch is recyclable 7 and you can also get imaginative with your re-use of our re-sealable pouch.  

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